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Project Description
This tool is dedicated to site collection administrators. They can create SharePoint groups based on any audience.

MOSS audiences can be built dynamically using audience rules based on metadata criteria like for instance (Any employee belonging to the departmenet HR will be put to the HR audience etc...)

You can easily create audiences in MOSS using the central administration UI. You don't have as much flexibility regarding SharePoint groups. So, the idea of this tool is to create/maintain SharePoint groups FROM MOSS audiences.

You'll be able to create either a "one shot" group, either a group and its corresponding timer job that will be responsible for maintaining the group membership based on the associated audience.

Here are a few screenshots illustrating the feature

The webpart


This webpart can only be deployed within TOP level sites.

It lists all the existing audiences and allows you to create a group. You can decide to

- Create a group => one shot operation, no maintenance of the membership

- Create a group & a job => group is created with a timer job that is responsible for maintaining the group membership once a day (preferrably during night and just after audiences compilations)

- you can define a daily or a weekly schedule for the job.

On top of that, an spgridview shows all the current jobs and allows you to remove them, remove the jobs & groups and to run a specific job (in case you need an immediate synchronization)

The jobs

Jobs are created and available in the job definition store in the central admin.



When the group is synchronized, it is actually re-created from scratch, so you'd better plan for synchronization when no user is using the system (during night, during week-end.....).

This component has never been tested within a real environment so pay attention if you plan to use it :) and of course, feel free to adapt it to your needs.

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